what we do
Our Business

SilverStone focuses on generating compelling risk-adjusted returns for our investors through the acquisition, operation and strategic disposition of apartment properties throughout Arizona.  Our investment strategies and expertise include, among other approaches, fee simple real estate, note acquisitions, bond-financed transactions and recapitalizations.

Our firm is highly specialized, focusing on a single asset class in one geographic location, namely, apartment assets in Arizona.  Our narrow focus facilitates significant depth and expertise in all facets of our investment platform.  Our firm has an expansive and embedded network of relationships in Phoenix-metro and beyond, which form the foundation of our company business model and success.  Many of today’s best opportunities are not widely marketed and require creative and sophisticated executions.  SilverStone leverages its relationships within the apartment space and its tactical expertise to generate deal flow, conduct fundamental analysis to determine intrinsic value, mitigate risk, gain control of assets, operate them to their fullest potential and opportunistically sell assets.

Our success and business model are built on:

  • Relationships
  • Multifamily expertise
  • Geographic expertise
  • Creative problem solving
  • A nimble, entrepreneurial approach
  • Singular focus on high-density residential assets in Arizona