what we do
Our Philosophy

Preservation of Capital

At SilverStone, our highest priority is to the preservation of capital, which begins with a disciplined and clinical approach to underwriting and fundamental analysis.  SilverStone focuses intently on the identification of not only the intrinsic value of assets, but also, most importantly, potential downside exposure.

We take great precautions to ensure assets and investor capital are never placed in a compromising position where another party might control the direction an asset management.  Accordingly, among other capital preservation strategies, SilverStone’s use of leverage, to the extent applicable, is well-rationalized, modest and judicious.

Risk Assessment

A SilverStone foundational principle and competitive advantage is best-in-class risk assessment and management.  Our risk assessment begins with a thorough analysis of the available strategies to gain control of a particular asset, together with simultaneous analysis of the attendant risks of a particular strategy.  Our investment process culminates in an exhaustive due diligence review to uncover and mitigate risk factors and confirm capital requirements prior to asset acquisition.

Contrarian Approach

SilverStone principles have a significant track-record of market skepticism and contrarian thinking.  Vision and perspective are critical to prudent and successful investment.  We employ rigorous fundamental analysis and clearheaded assumptions, despite what others in the market may be doing with their investments.  Prior to the recent market dislocations, when capital and opportunities were overabundant, SilverStone principles took proactive measures that permitted them to successfully navigate the recent turbulence in our marketplace.