silverstone criteria
Market Strategies

SilverStone has the expertise and resources to execute on varying strategies along the risk-reward continuum.


Lower risk, lower return strategy:  Opportunities in this investment class consist of well-located, newer assets that generate cash flow but require some enhancement to maximize operations.  Leverage is typically low.


Medium-to-high risk/medium-to-high return strategy:  Opportunities in this investment class consist of reasonably well-located properties requiring a capital infusion and management change to reposition.  For many investors, the Value-Add investment provides an attractive balance between current yield and opportunity for long-term capital appreciation.  Leverage is typically moderate.


High risk/high return strategy: Opportunities in this investment class often require a high degree of repositioning and renovation.  Upfront capital expenditures can be moderate to fairly significant, but, particularly in distressed environments like today’s, the right execution can provide significant opportunity for mid to medium term capital appreciation.  Ultimately, depending on the asset, attractive yield may also be achieved and augmented by conservative, accretive leverage.  Cash flow at acquisition is typically negative.  Leverage is typically moderate at stabilization.