silverstone criteria
Value Creation

SilverStone creates value through entrepreneurial, creative and visionary strategies.  Our principles’ backgrounds, experiences and relationships allow us to exploit innovative and non-traditional means of creating value and deal flow.  SilverStone targets motivated sellers and opportunities that are not widely marketed, which often facilitates the uncovering and acquisition of assets at below-market and/or below-replacement costs.  Supplementing our deal sourcing and acquisition efforts is our ability to leverage relationships with those who have particular knowledge of a specific asset or other relevant expertise ensuring that our underwriting is accurate, and upon acquisition of a given asset, that the asset is operated to its fullest potential.

SilverStone believes in people.  Accordingly, we are committed to enabling our property management and other partners by fostering and rewarding excellence in high quality, overachieving personnel.  Upon acquisition of an asset, active and hands-on asset management techniques are used to push properties to reach their full potential in the shortest possible time period.  Our geographic specificity enables us to personally touch all assets on a regular basis and develop meaningful relationships with property managers and others involved in the day-to-day operation of assets.

Many assets are acquired with the goal of repositioning them with a tailored Value-Add capital and redevelopment strategy.  SilverStone again leverages its deep relationships to execute on its Value-Add strategies by creatively, expediently and cost-effectively enhancing properties to quickly achieve maximum potential.  Capital expenditures are extensively scrutinized and modeled to determine their potential to increase yield and add value at the margin.

Exit strategy and rigorous risk management are vital considerations in value creation, which are integral to strategic analysis performed prior to investing in any asset.  The recent dislocations in the capital markets have produced countless owners that were forced to endure significant losses on their assets due to their inability to manage around rigid financing structures they accepted during the halcyon days of the recent up-market.  SilverStone structures and finances its acquisitions with those lessons keenly in mind, and maintains a high degree of flexibility with regard to investment horizon and liquidation strategy.  In implementing our primary priority of capital preservation, we combine rigid fundamental analysis and risk management with conservative leverage, if any, to achieve maximum flexibility in our exit strategies.